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Eastern and Western medicine, alternative medicine and traditional – how do they differ?

Allopathic medicine is food for thought

Stop at all familiar to Western medicine (traditional medicine). This is our usual (familiar to all from childhood) medicine. Remember how many experts are welcome in the clinic…

If You don’t complain of discomfort, especially any of the doctors are not interested. In most health facilities preventive examinations are conducted formally. Even if prescribed examination, as a rule, don’t have obvious lesions (damage) in organs and systems of the body, You are considered to be relatively healthy.

The “funny” complaints, such as sensation of cold, heat, sweating, fatigue; a preference for or rejection of a certain color; taste preferences for sweet, salty, sour, spicy, etc. no one will pay attention.

But, if You already have disease of one or more organs, then You will be treated, and each specialist will treat “your” body or system, usually ignoring others. It turns out that while the neurologist treats pain in the spine and damages the stomach. Or therapist treats bronchitis, but also causes malfunctioning of the intestine. However, the stomach and intestine will deal with the gastroenterologist.Patients are bitterly joking: “treat One another hurt! ”

The Western model of medicine divides the human into separate organs, systems, parts of systems, etc. Appear very “narrow” specialists. What comes out of it, you know people with a “bouquet” of chronic diseases. Simultaneous treatment of several doctors, as a rule, only aggravates the condition.

Oriental medicine is often called alternative medicine. Here a fundamentally different approach to the person.

The body is considered as a whole, as a unified system. Moreover, parallel with the emotional state, mental, energy. Each person is unique and has an individual energetic Constitution. Prescription treatments for each patient are selected individually, based on its initial energy of the Constitution, therefore the same disease in different people is treated differently, unlike the traditional Western.

From the standpoint of Eastern philosophy, in nature there are six basic energies: wind, heat, fire, humidity, dryness and cold. The whole world around us can be described through a combination of energies. In a healthy human body, all these energies are in balance. If under the action of external or internal factors, some energy becomes too much, and others little, people become ill. After bringing in the energy balance is recovering. Moreover, treating one system and improvement occurs in the other.

For example, the treatment of disorders in the thoracic spine restores the liver, and during treatment of chronic tonsillitis: pain in the stomach and reduces weight. Eastern medicine explains why after the removal of the gallbladder for cholelithiasis start to hurt the joints, and kidney disease accompanied by high blood pressure, etc.

In the East is always a special attention was paid to disease prevention. In ancient China the doctor was only paid while his players were healthy when they got sick – the doctor was working for free!

Using the knowledge of Eastern medicine is easy to notice the first signs of the disease – an impairment in energy balance and to take the necessary steps: change your diet, learn to breathe correctly, to be harmonized energy state, etc.

But the reality is that both areas of medicine as non-traditional Eastern and traditional Western us required.

Eastern medicine is needed for preventing disease, for the treatment of functional disorders, when organ damage is still reversible – because it gently restores the body. Also, when multiple processes, the “bouquet” of diseases.

European or Western medicine is essential when there is a need for emergency surgery, the need for replacement therapy.

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