Herbs for easy breathing
In the offseason, as usual, many overcome lingering cold. It would seem that the disease has receded long ago but ill-fated cough still persists. What to do? How to get…

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Unique instructor training qigong, tai Chi and Chinese medicine
The participants of the event Information about the event Information NOU "Academy of traditional systems of healing and human development" (Russia) jointly with Chinese representative office Yunnan-Guipuscoa Institute of tai…

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Physical therapy — treatment using natural and artificially created physical factors such as currents, magnetic fields, light, water, air, heat, ultrasound and so on. Physical therapy is the perfect complement,…

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Traditional recipes of beauty

The importance of inner peace and spiritual beauty is undeniable. But first the stranger looks at a person and judge him only on whether to try to consider the soul.

In the pursuit of beauty girls try a lot of cosmetics, although every day are using new ingredients. So why not look into proven for decades and even centuries means? Moreover, they are completely natural and not carcinogenic, in contrast to the beauty of abundance on store shelves.

– Apple mask.

The Apple contains many vitamins and useful components. Did you know that this is common since the days of eve’s fruit is hidden the secret of freshness and beauty? It turns out the simple Apple is able to tone, refresh and give radiance to the skin. It is especially good this mask after the holidays. Thanks to it, the skin will promptly return to normal, the person will be an unprecedented fresh, comes off tired.

To prepare the mask, grate the Apple on a small grater or grind in a blender. So you need boiled potatoes in their skins. Ready peel the potatoes and mash, mix with chopped Apple.

Depending on the type of skin used razlicnosti. For oily skin you will need to the resulting paste add a tablespoon of milk (preferably fresh, on tap). Dry one egg yolk and a spoon of cream. Apply the mask for twenty minutes and, after a time, rinse. The mask improves blood circulation, moisturizes and nourishes the skin with vitamins. Attention! Potato starch may cause irritation and swelling. Before applying it is advisable to test the mask in the crook of his elbow.

– Natural antiperspirant.

Want to get a feeling of freshness and purity from nature, don’t resort to annoying armpit means? There is a way.

You will need to take one teaspoon of chamomile scented (pharmacy), creeping thyme (take fresh), sage, oregano, and mint. Brew herbs 400 ml of hot water. Cover and leave to infuse. After a few hours herbal broth drain and add to it 100 ml of vodka.

The lotion should be stored in a dark container in the refrigerator.

Lotion to fray every time you wash and freshness is guaranteed! More you will not be bothered by sweating. A pleasant and invigorating smell will give a good mood.

– Toner for Mature skin.

If you can’t come to terms with emerging wrinkles, then try this natural tonic properties no worse than shoplifting.

Fresh strawberries pressed under pressure. 50 ml of the obtained juice was mixed with dry wine or, if oily skin with vodka. Add half the bag of powdered salicylic acid (you can buy in the pharmacy). Clean the face every night for a month.

Onion staining.

Infusion onion peel is an ancient hair dye. But, unlike the well-known natural henna, onion has no harmful effects on the hair structure, not drains them. Moreover, if you apply onion broth during each wash, you will forget about dandruff. Hair will get a mirror Shine that will not give any one the advertised shampoo. The hair roots will be strengthened, a loss will decrease and growth will increase. An almost magical tool, isn’t it?

To obtain onion broth mix the husk of seven to fifteen bulbs with half a liter of water. Put it on the stove and simmer for ten minutes. Rinse hair infusion onion after each wash. Don’t worry, the smell of onions will go away fast.

If you RUB a decoction of onion skin in the scalp, it can significantly enhance hair growth.

And acquired color not good – natural straw or sparkling gold.

Lotion inflammation on the back.

Tortured pimples on shoulders and back? Tried all possible means? Well, we know the recipe that will certainly help.

To prepare the lotion will need to mix Apple cider vinegar and vodka in equal proportions. RUB the mixture place with inflammation twice a day (morning and evening). To those who have sensitive skin it is recommended to dilute this lotion with water in a 1:1 ratio.

As the lotion dries the skin, try to refrain from aggressive shower gels at the time of use.

– Iodine for nails.

In a small bowl will need to mix a little iodine and citric acid. Pour potato broth. When the mixture has cooled, dip it in your fingers first phalanx and keep for 10-15 minutes. A week and a half you will notice a great result: the nail surface becomes much smoother, stops the lamination, the tips of the nails will turn white. Separately each ingredient has a great firming effect, but together they give a simply stunning effect.

Stay always beautiful, fresh and attractive. And we hope that our recipes will help you with this.

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