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The most effective folk remedies for treating colds

Despite the fact that every year in pharmacies there are more medications against colds, many people prefer folk medicine. In recent years, scientists have regularly researched the beneficial properties of various plants and the effectiveness of “Granny” recipes, and then found that many recipes of traditional medicine can really help with colds. They are very relevant in the season of epidemics, when you do not want to take strong antibiotics and antipyretic drugs.

How to reduce temperature?

Inhalation of potato or chamomile well warms the nasal mucosa in rhinitis, has an antiseptic effect and reduces inflammation. These methods can be applied, if the temperature does not rise above 37 degrees. However, the inhalers give a deeper effect, so if you have the opportunity, use them. Risk of burns when using the inhaler is reduced to a minimum, unlike the traditional pots of boiling water. In inhalers, the medication is divided into tiny particles, so with a deep breath enters the alveoli and bronchioles. A pair of daisies or potatoes, this effect will give and will reach only the trachea and nose.

If you decide to make goryachevodsky foot, use only a large capacity, you can pour water until well warmed up calf muscles. The water temperature should be between 37 to 40 degrees. In the water it is best to add a little dry mustard or essential oils. To cure a cough with folk remedies, often applied iodine mesh on the GRU*ing. This method resembles hot compress: iodine improves blood circulation. However, this recipe has a lot of contraindications. It cannot be applied to patients with thyroid disease, allergies. Banks also will be of great help, if you have no temperature. When using be careful: you can get a serious burn, if it is wrong to put the Bank. Doctors believe that the popular method is now obsolete and he is replaced by heat ointments, mustard and other means.

There are many ways to relieve cold symptoms, all considered to be effective. Using these recipes you will not only be treated, but also to support the immune system in the cold season.

Treatment with ginger and lemon

In the cold you will save a unique drink made of lemon and ginger. Pour boiling water with two lemon slices and chopped inch of ginger root. When the tea has cooled a bit, put a spoonful of honey. This drink is consumed in the morning and afternoon. It tones and helps with the cough and strengthens the immune system.

Treatment juice bitter radish

Try to make a poultice from the juice of this vegetable. It burns a little, but gives a good result with a strong cough. Heat the sunflower oil in a water bath, soak them gauze, folded in three or four layers, then sprinkle the radish juice. The gauze put on the GRU*ing. cover with plastic or special paper, wrapped a woolen scarf and keep the compress for twenty minutes.

Treatment fish oil

It is considered to be excellent means of preventing colds. The product increases the immunity, strengthens and tones, delivers into the body a lot of nutrients. Now fish oil is sold in capsules, and is very comfortable.

Treatment rosehip. A decoction of rose hips all doctors recommend drinking during illness and to maintain immunity in the offseason. Rose hips are sold in any drugstore. Take 150 grams, a good grind fruits, pour 600 ml of boiling water, cover and leave to infuse for 6-8 hours. In the morning strain the broth hips and drink a glass of morning and evening. This drink is used as a General tonic.

The treatment of cough ivy

This plant has healing properties due to its content of saponins and iodine in it. Ivy has antitussive, anti-inflammatory and restorative action. It loosens and thins phlegm, relieves symptoms of bronchitis, pneumonia, and whooping cough.

Treatment of cranberries

This berry may can replace antibiotics, because it contains substances similar to antibiotics of the quinolone group. Pour into a thermos one hundred grams of fresh berries, pour a liter of boiling water. Twelve hours drink you can take one hundred milliliters in 40 minutes after meal.

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