Coca Bush or Coca: and description, of useful and medicinal properties of Coca, used in the folk medicine and folk recipes from Coca
Coca Bush ( Erythroxylon coca ) is a shrub of the genus erythroxylum the family Erythroxylaceae. He has a thin oval leaves of green color, a little narrowed at the…

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In recent years more and more people are showing interest in Chinese medicine and to healing the body using natural methods (food, water, air, light, positive emotions, movement) and non-traditional…

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Cultivated medicinal plants
It is known under names warty birch, weeping birch tree, birch deaf, Berezina. Tree up to 25 m. Flowering in April — may (simultaneously with opening of leaves), fruits ripen…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants

What wouldn’t we put in the beds! Only, perhaps, forget what you can plant in the garden of medicinal plants, which are so necessary to us, when you get sick. But what is easier is not run then on to pharmacies, not to pick herbs in the forest or in the field. Yes, and another consideration should be taken into account — finite our natural resources are rarely met in the forest the Lily of the valley or pharmacy chamomile.

Before deciding what to plant, let’s see what herbs we use most. If you need is rose hips (who doesn’t?), plant a wild rose Bush. If the child suffers from chronic bronchitis often sick or a sore throat — put the calendula (marigold). sage. mother-and-stepmother. There are problems with digestion – chamomile get. mint and St. John’s wort. Sleeping poorly, easily irritated, nervous – Valerian is useful to you. Melissa. motherwort.

Where to get seeds? But where in the forest, in the field. You can also buy seeds in specialized stores, Botanical gardens, experimental stations, etc. Seeds can be sown at any time – in the spring, summer, and autumn, podzimny sowing gives the best results. However, seed will need more time – 15 to 25 percent. They sow when frost resistant — can be directly on the surface of the pre-prepared beds,not prisypaya top soil, and you can sprinkle humus, the layer is not more than 1 cm in Summer and autumn, sow the freshly harvested dry seeds.

And if you are sowing in spring, seeds need to be soaked or stratified . To do this a month or two before sowing the seeds are mixed with sand (1:2), hydrate well and put in a cool place in the cellar or under the snow (can be kept in the fridge). A few days before sowing, the seeds are heated in a warm room and dried. It is better to sow early while the soil is still damp, to seal at a depth of 1-2 centimeters, not deeper. Aisle — 50-60 cm regular Care: watering, loosening the soil, removing weeds and fertilizing.

Nekotryh germination of seed scarification improves . i.e. a slight chafing them between two boards covered with sandpaper, which violates dense seed shell, and thereby promotes the swelling of seeds and better germination. To be able to begin earlier care for crops, to seeds before sowing seeds add koroshegy, the so-called lighthouse . plants.

You can bring a bundle of the rhizome of plants. Evenly laid in the open furrows at a depth of 6-8 cm and immediately covered with earth. These plants, such as viburnum. you can bring in from the forest: a few sprigs of viburnum down to earth, prisiliti (as I do when I want to get cuttings of black currant), sprinkle the ground. By autumn the cuttings will have rooted, then they can be transplanted to the garden in a permanent place.

For example, Lily is easy to grow in the garden. It loves moist soil and shade, so can be planted under shrubs and trees, keeping a special patch. Lily of the valley reproduces by seeds, but seedlings develop very slowly. Therefore it is better to bring in autumn from the forest part of the rhizomes. The Lily grows fast, one plant produces whole colonies.

Hypericum seeds are sown before winter or early spring, in the latter case, they stratify for 2-3 months and then dried. Sow in rows, leaving between them a distance of 45 cm During mass flowering St. John’s wort is harvested. Forty days later, it blooms again and again mow.

Sow Valerian seeds — it can be done at any time of the year. Seeds buried in the soil to a depth of 2-3 cm, leaving between the rows a distance of about half a meter. Valerian roots are dug in autumn or early spring.

Marigolds — a very undemanding plant. Seeds can be sown also in spring and autumn, closing up shallow in the ground.

Pharmacy chamomile is easy to grow on your lot. Seeds may be sown at any time of the year. Chamomile blooms from may to October, during this time, the harvest of the flowers you can collect up to six times.

Sage seeds are sown in early spring. After 2-3 weeks shoots appear. They were thinned so that between plants was not less than 25 cm loosen the Soil, remove the weeds. First time to collect leaves during flowering, the second time is when new leaves appear, then in late summer, pick the leaves remaining on the top of the stems.

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