Alternative medicine
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Traditional recipes of beauty, improving hair growth
Our grandmothers could boast of oblique diameter of a fist that clung to the heel. Long hair was considered to be the wealth of Russian beauties. But as the years…

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Mother and stepmother: properties, application, recipes, potions
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Traditional recipes of beauty, improving hair growth

Our grandmothers could boast of oblique diameter of a fist that clung to the heel.

Long hair was considered to be the wealth of Russian beauties. But as the years go by, times change, and hair modern fashionable women can’t compete with the pride of old Russian beauties. What can you do?

How to retain the beauty bestowed by nature? According to a famous proverb: “Everything new is well forgotten old”.

We will tell You about the recipes, through which our great-grandmothers caring for your braids.

Where do you start?

And should start with correct choice of time for shampooing – it must be morning or day but not the evening.

In water meant for rinsing hair, add a decoction of nettle in the ratio of 0.5 Cup per liter of water.

Once a month give your hair a rest, replacing the egg yolk shampoo, running water and boiled. The yolk can be a bit warm.

So its nutritional components quickly penetrate into the hair structure. But do not overdo it, so that Your mask is not cooked hard-boiled right on the hair is to choose the omelet head of hair will be extremely simple.

Mask of the onion to promote hair growth.

Grate the onion on a grater or grind in a blender and mix the resulting mass with honey in proportions 4:1. Applied onion mask for the hair roots, RUB in with light massaging movements and keep for 40 minutes.

Rinse it with water at room temperature without the use of shampoo. This mask may not suit the tastes of pregnant women, or if You cannot tolerate strong smells, which has a bow.

The lotion is nettle.

Any near the house you can find thickets of plants with the searing leaves – nettles. It is something we need to prepare lotion at home.

Per Cup of boiling water one tablespoon of crushed leaves. Insist about an hour. Cool it down and pour in more convenient vessel.

Cooked RUB the lotion 2 times a week in the hair roots.

The powder obtained from parsley.

For the preparation of powder You will need parsley seeds. Better to buy them at the pharmacy. Grind seeds with a mortar into a powder and how do pripudrivania hair 2 times a week.

Brandy mask with onion juice.

To prepare this mask You will need an onion (or its juice), a little brandy and root of burdock. From the root of the burdock it is necessary to prepare a decoction.

Next, mix the above ingredients in these proportions: six parts of broth, four parts onion juice and one part brandy.

The mask to apply during the week, every day putting it on hair for about one hour.

Oil-vitamin cocktail.

For this cocktail you will need two types of oil (burdock and linseed) and vitamin a capsules and promoting growth of hair and nails (for example, “aevitum”).

Mix all the ingredients in equal proportions and added to the resulting mixture 20 content of vitamin capsules. Mix thoroughly.

Apply this cocktail should be on your scalp a relaxing massage. The effect of the cocktail will be much stronger if you increase the influence of the temperature regime on the scalp using plastic caps and towels.

Not percorrete hair. This mask is sufficient to use once a week.

Mustard mask on the basis of kefir.

You will need 1 tablespoon of mustard, two egg yolks and a Cup of yogurt. All this mix thoroughly and apply to hair.

After 40 minutes wash off the mask under warm running water. The mask should be applied on hair once a week for one month.

The mask of aloe juice.

The shelves are full of shampoos, balms and creams based on medicinal juice aloe. But, unfortunately, the concentration of the juice of medicinal plants in cosmetics is negligible.

Neither harm you nor benefit. Probably on the windowsill of Your mother was full of healing plant aloe. We need quite a bit of the leaves, in order to get 4 tbsp of juice.

To the aloe juice add the honey, egg yolk and a dash of cognac. The mask should be applied to wet clean hair. After applying ukutyvaniem hair in a towel and keep our vitamin therapy in the hair for hours.

Rinse with warm running water.

You should note that almost all of our masks must be washed off with water, not with shampoo, so as not to injure the hair of aggressive components contained in the shampoo.

We hope that with our tips You will be able not only to put their hair up, but closer to traditional Russian values of beauty!

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