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The use of plantain for health and beauty

Completely unpretentious and not attractive-looking plant that grows in yards, meadows, forest edges, most often along the roads and is called psyllium, and its use is known for all European and Asian countries since time immemorial. In folk medicine of China the plant is used more than three thousand years. Drug effect is expressed only three kinds: large, bloshnogo and lanceolate.

The abundance of plantain is easy to find along roads

Plantago in traditional medicine is used in the form of various preparations. To overestimate medicinal value plantain is impossible, because it almost treats the entire body.

The most well-known to all from childhood the use of Plantago in traditional medicine is a a fresh attachment of the sheet to the wound or injury. It helps to appease the pain and stop the inflammation and cleanse the wound from microbes.

Installed bacteriostatic effect on pathogenic organisms such as strepto – and Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas and E. coli, Proteus, therefore, treatment using plants effectively in all traumatic and non-healing wounds, furuncles, phlegmon. Preparations from plants are used not only in national but also in traditional medicine. They are sold in the pharmacy network, and to neobyazatelno supplied with instructions for use.

Instructions for use of plantain provided with the medication, describes in detail that heals psyllium and how to use it for optimal results.

Using psyllium the stomach, heals the entire digestive tract, because the same dosage form help with gastritis, gastric ulcer and pancreatitis.

The juice of plantain can be drunk fresh or pharmacy (alcohol). Fresh take a tablespoon 15-30 minutes before meals and alcohol-the same amount diluted in 1/4 Cup water. Doctors recommend the juice of plantain for the treatment of the stomach in the complex therapy anatsidnyh gastritis, duodenal ulcers, and colic. Treatment of gastritis plantain in hyperacidity form, but with reduced secretion result more pronounced.

The juice of plantain can be drunk fresh or pharmacy (alcohol)

Plantain gastritis take a long time. The juice is not less than a month. Then continue the treatment of gastritis infusion, decoction.

Psyllium stomach ulcers, also used very long because phyto-remedies do not give quick effect. Regeneration of the mucosa occurs gradually. Drug treatment is combined with taking herbs.

Preparation of medicines

To prepare the infusion with boiling water (0.5 l) fill in with dry leaves of the plant (3-4 tbsp) and insist to saturation (about 1.5 hours). Strained infusion drink 1/3 Cup before meals (15-30 min).

The decoction is made from 2 tablespoons of herbs poured a glass of boiling water, in a boiling water bath for about 30 minutes. It is then cooled, filtered and taken as infusion.

Psyllium pancreatitis is drunk as a tea, brewing a teaspoon of leaves Cup of boiling water. Together with the pancreas is well heals the liver, kidneys.

For a long time and actively used plantain in gynecology for endometritis, adnexitises, anovulation female infertility. In practical gynecology is often used a decoction of the seeds of the herb. The effectiveness and positive results are achieved with it, with painful and heavy menstruation, depression and bad mood, typical for this period of the female cycle.

In practical gynecology is often used a decoction of psyllium

Men noted the positive impact of plants on potency. Also psyllium used for men to improve sperm motility. This problem well solves the decoction of the seeds, restoring hope for the possibility of paternity.

Methods of preparation of decoction:

Cup of boiling water poured on 25 g of seeds for a long time shaken;

use the same ratio of raw materials and water. Boil on very low heat for 5 minutes, insist.

And for women, and for men’s health strained broth drink before each meal-2 tbsp

Psyllium helps in the treatment of many diseases, but folk medicine known the beneficial effects of medicinal plants on the appearance and condition of hair. Plantain for hair used in the form of decoction in hair loss and split hair ends, increased greasiness of the skin, dry and brittle hair. It treats dandruff.

If you apply a plantain for the person, this helps to make the skin of any type well-groomed and clean. Wiping the face with juice tightens pores, reduces inflammation. Regular use of get rid of pimples and acne. Plantain for acne gives amazing result in the shortest possible time giving the skin an even color and smoothness.

Overweight is accompanied by the accumulation of toxins and excess fluid. Psyllium for weight loss brewed and drink as tea. Providing a diuretic effect, it removes from the body toxins and wastes, breaks down fats. Slimming drink 1/2 Cup of the decoction of the seeds before meals.

Medicinal importance whole plant. What not only treats this nondescript roadside healer. Folk medicine known to hundreds of thousands of cases where the use of herbs have been proven to be a crucial factor in treatment.

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