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Mother and stepmother: properties, application, recipes, potions

Today, many people prefer alternative medicine because you can get undeniable positive effect with the help of natural ingredients. The most popular mother-and-stepmother, which grows throughout our country.

This herb perennial appears right after the snow melts.

A distinctive feature are the yellow caps, which after flowering become white dandelions. Since ancient times this plant has a unique name, which means “cough” and “output”. The name of the mother and the stepmother is most frequently used because of the structural features of the leaves: the Upper part means cold and stepmother, and the lower part warm and respectively refers to the mother. For medicinal purposes mainly use flowers and leaves.

The mother and stepmother use

The mother and stepmother has a wide application in folk medicine. It helps to prepare decoctions, infusions, medicated ointments, and even used as antibacterial dressings.

Flowers need to cook until they have darkened and deteriorated. The leaves should be collected throughout the summer. After drying, the plants need to grind for ease of use. Raw materials can be stored separately and in special mixtures. However, to store all necessary competently, so as not to lose the nutrients in canvas bags in a dark place.

The substances contained in the mother and the stepmother is able to soothe even a very strong cough. promotes drainage of phlegm and other mucous secretions. Therefore, this tool is widely used for the treatment of colds accompanied by coughing. An important property of this plant is the ability to increase the efficiency of the endocrine glands, especially the digestive tract. In some cases it is used as diaphoretic, cholagogue action.

If you combine a mother and stepmother with a string, you can use decoctions of scrofula. Many people use dry leaves to cleanse the respiratory system through smoke. To do this, roll a dry leaf and burn it. It is smoke you need to breathe to relieve shortness of breath.

Particularly excellent results shows the plant SAP. It is used for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, which is quite dangerous and may pose a threat to life. You need every day to drink three to four tablespoons of juice mother and stepmother mixed with sugar.

Infusions and decoctions are most often used for lotions and compresses, which help cure ulcers, wounds and other lesions of the skin. Infusions of the leaves are widely used for rinsing the oral cavity during stomatitis, inflammation of the gums and even sore throats. When enduring a cold should instill 4 drops of plant SAP into each nostril.

To cure diseases of the intestinal tract is necessary to do enemas with a decoction of this plant.

Widely use of mother and stepmother in cosmetology. Here it is used as a means to restore the beauty and health of hair, skin.

Pharmacies can meet the mother and stepmother in the variety fees: pectoral, diaphoretic and many others.

Recipes using mother and stepmother

The prepared leaves pour boiling water and brought to a boil. After they pokapatsya about 15 minutes, the broth is removed from heat and steep for 10 minutes. After this decoction should be filtered to remove fine dirt and particles that are not needed. By using this tool you can make compresses, RUB the affected areas of the skin, and rinsing the oral cavity.

3 tablespoons prepared flowers mother and stepmother, pour boiling water in quantities of a pint, and leave for insisting for an hour. After straining, consume 50 milligrams before meals. This helps remedy for the pathologies of the bladder, bowel and stomach.

Fresh leaves mince or very finely chop. The mixture wring out and dilute with cold boiled water in equal proportions. The mixture should immediately boil. Ingest one tablespoon within a week, three times a day, strictly before meals. Otherwise the substances contained in the composition, can irritate the intestinal wall.

In cosmetology often be found a remedy for prevent hair loss. For these purposes it is necessary three times in a week to rinse clean hair with a concentrated decoction of leaves and flowers mother and stepmother.

It is important to know that any plant can cause an allergic reaction. So before you give preference to natural products and to be treated by using alternative medicine should consult a qualified doctor. He is after all the survey can tell for sure that we will help you or not, and I will think of the correct dosage.

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