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Bursitis, treatment of folk remedies

The most frequent locations can be considered as shoulder joints, somewhat less inflamed knee, hip, in rare cases, destructive processes occur in the synovial bag, which is located near the calcaneus.

The clinical picture of the disease can detect acute, subacute, chronic and recurrent cases. The pathogen can be both specific and nonspecific.

The appearance of acute bursitis is accompanied by severe pain are determined for diseases localized near the affected joint and limited mobility. In those cases, if there had been timely treatment, or trauma that can exacerbate the flow of processes may be a chronic bursitis.

The most frequently performed surgical intervention, whereby after dissection of the joint capsule becomes possible to prevent bursitis. Treatment of folk remedies can be done in parallel with traditional in accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician.

As remedies for bursitis, you can use a fairly large number of medicinal plants. One of them is a Golden mustache. To prepare the decoction, the first thing you need to take about 20 grams the plant’s leaves and finely chop them. Next, the resulting mass is poured 200 ml of water and boil for 5-10 minutes. After straining the broth dipped a small piece of gauze,wrung out slightly, after which it can be applied as a compress on the affected joint. The top is covered with a gauze cloth or polyethylene (it is convenient to also use plastic wrap) to ensure thermal insulation. On top of all this you can tie a woolen cloth and leave for several hours (ideally overnight).

It should be noted the fact that the treatment of bursitis at home should be spent with observance of certain rules. First, it is important to ensure a minimum load on the joint, and secondly- should hygiene. Gauze bandages are suitable only for single use.

It is also believed that in this disease it is important to warm up the patient’s joint. It is recommended to use small fabric bag, inside of which are placed in a pre-heated linseed.

In addition to those means which are suitable as medicines local destination are used and those that should be taken orally.

You can use a solution of Apple cider vinegar with honey in half, which should have no more than a tablespoon per Cup of water. It will be enough to drink 200 milliliters daily.

There are still some plants that help to alleviate bursitis. Treatment of folk remedies often implies the use of the leaves of Kalanchoe. You need to tear off so many sheets, how many packs is supposed to set. They are placed in the freezer, and then one by one get attached to the affected joint. On top of the sheet can be wound with a warm cloth.

If you were diagnosed with an acute form of the disease, it is very important for some time to ensure complete rest the affected area. Only after a few days, despite the pain, several times to bend and straighten the inflamed vessel. To the localization of bursitis it is possible to apply alternating heat therapy.

In order to prevent overflow of the disease in the acute form, should strengthen the measures taken.

As remedies for bursitis can be used burdock root. For the preparation should take about 50 grams of crushed rhizome and boil it for 5-10 minutes in a liter of water. Of broth every day to make compresses, which must work at least half an hour.

In order to remove the inflammation of the complex, it is possible to prepare a mixture, the main components of which are butter (100 grams). honey (20 grams) and propolis (15 grams). Mixture it is best to bring to a homogeneous condition and take a tablespoon half an hour before each meal.

During illness helps special tea made from celery. Tablespoon of seed plants is poured 200 ml of boiling water and infuse for several hours. After the broth has been strained, you can drink it half a Cup every day.

In inflammatory processes in the body are very important to stimulate the immune system, which can help the vitamins contained in all fruit juices.

Do not forget about timely visits to the doctor, which are the most important condition in order to prevent complications and to prevent total loss of joint mobility.

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