Alternative medicine offers live insects instead of doctors and medicine
Doctors warn: the bugs are hazardous to health, if you swallow them alive. It turns out this, to put it mildly, a strange thought comes to mind to many of…

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Bursitis, treatment of folk remedies
The most frequent locations can be considered as shoulder joints, somewhat less inflamed knee, hip, in rare cases, destructive processes occur in the synovial bag, which is located near the…

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Coca Bush or Coca: and description, of useful and medicinal properties of Coca, used in the folk medicine and folk recipes from Coca
Coca Bush ( Erythroxylon coca ) is a shrub of the genus erythroxylum the family Erythroxylaceae. He has a thin oval leaves of green color, a little narrowed at the…

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Alternative medicine

Unconventional medicine (also called alternative medicine) includes a huge range of therapies from simple acupuncture used in the West until very unusual methods of healing, such as eating frogs and raw fish that has been practiced in Eastern countries of our Planet. According to the healers, with the help of alternative medicine can cure all disease until the AIDS epidemic. The course is all that can somehow help the patient.

Also in the list of the healing procedures of this resort is the attachment of walnuts to the eyes and the room is the Smoking of dried leaves of Chinese wormwood in the ears patients.

The procedure for treatment of animal horns on a street in Nanning, China.

Arthritis treatment with mud in the sanatorium of the city of Anshan, China.

Treatment of rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous in the nasal cavity) bee venom.

Known in the East for therapeutic fish Garra rufa obtusas swims in the legs of patients resort Hakone, which is located near Tokyo, Japan. Fish help cure some skin diseases.

The inhabitants of Cambodia considered that touching the turtles helps in the treatment of rheumatism.

The attachment of the dead Scorpions, a traditional healing procedure in sanatoriumand Jinan, China.

The visitors smearing black mud in the Spa town of Sichuan, China. It is known that mud is rich in minerals that are healing for the human skin.

Man eating a live toad, which should help him in the treatment of abdominal belly.

Cairo. The healing of patient suffering from hearing damage through healing bee stings.

In Shanghai the clinic believe that with the help of heated cans can cope with the heat.

The patient sits in a treatment pond with mud at the “Lagoon of Miracles”, which is located in Peru.

Eating live fish as a cure for asthma in Hyderabad, India.

The patient swallows a live fish treated with a magic potion.

Traditional Chinese treatment of facial paralysis.

Atrophy of the brain in China is treated by steaming the leaves of the Chinese wormwood.

Treatment of cervical spondylosis at a hospital in Hefei, China.

Egypt. The patient is sick with rheumatism taking sand baths in the desert oasis of Siwa, which is located 700 kilometers Northwest of Cairo.

Psychologist and patient communicate with the spirits in the city of Fafe, located in the North of Portugal.

The doctor treats the patient by the method of Cupping (cupping vacuum banks).

In Palestine the chief specialist on healing method of Cupping is a doctor Assem al-Tamimi, who works with patients in his clinic, which is in Hebron.

Palestine. The boy, suffering from hearing impaired, administered therapeutic bee venom.

Therapeutic fish Garra rufa obtusas swims off the face of the patient. It is believed that this treatment helps to get rid of psoriasis and other chronic diseases that affect the skin and joints.

Lima, Peru. Dolphin stroking the belly of a pregnant girl. This therapy is a good stimulant for mental abilities of the child.

The villagers of Tran PHE watering a dead calf. According to them, the water washing the body of the animal which possesses mysterious power to cure rheumatism and other bodily diseases.

Akan, Ghana. Woman heals a sick child, performing a ritual dance Ahove.

The residents of the region of Kampot, which is located 100 kilometers South of the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, collect cow’s urine, which, in their opinion, has healing properties.

A session of treatment with leeches in the International Center of Girudoterapii, which is located in Moscow, Russia.

The patient who suffers from asthma, is preparing to swallow a live fish. This technique is very common in India.

The patient lowered his head in an aquarium for therapeutic fish Garra rufa obtusas.

The process of eating a live fish of patients with asthma.

Nine-year-old boy who, according to local residents, has the gift of the healer, puts it in a jar of water magic stone during a mass healing session in Jombang, Java island, Indonesia.

Chandigarh, India. Girls practicing the ancient technique of yoga, which is called “Rubber Thread”.

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