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Error use of medicinal herbs

It is considered that the treatment is harmless herbs, unlike drugs obtained by chemical means. That is the message hammered into the heads of potential customers sellers of all sorts of natural drugs. Actually herbal medicine, or phytotherapy, has many weaknesses that medicine must take into account. Here are some common mistakes that I can remember, before blindly trusting their health to “the green pharmacy”.

• The first mistake is in medicinal herbs contains only natural and therefore harmless components, there is no chemistry.

But “chemistry” has long been firmly established in our lives, it is invisibly present everywhere – in water, air, soil. Pure Alpine, Himalayan, and other meadows – utopia. Chemical clouds with a rain travel all over the world, and there are many other ways to bring “chemistry” to the most remote corners. Naturally, it all goes and medicinal plants, and with them in infusions, salves, extracts and other “silver bullet”. By the way, is already known fatal poisoning Chinese herbs contaminated with arsenic.

• The second mistake – the herbs do not cause allergies.

It is unclear who invented it. We know many allergic reactions to various components of a variety of plants. Moreover,herbal cases of the most severe allergies is anaphylactic shock.

• The third mistake is the grass safe for the body.

The fact that some grass is poisonous, they know everything, but for some reason no one can admit that the medicinal herbs can also contain toxic components. They can not only treat, but also to increase the pressure, to kill the liver and kidneys, cause gastritis, hemolytic anemia (destroy RBCs), reduce the number of platelets and present many other “surprises”. So, to put it in the jargon of healers, to “put” the liver can not only “chemistry”, but “grass”. The pyrrolizidine alkaloids that are very harmful to the liver, contain many plants, and not some exotic herb, and very much even relatives: mother-and-stepmother, belokopatnika, borage, Ragwort, comfrey (Larkspur), Peconic, heliotrope, field gromwell, chernokoren officinalis, epilobium (Ivan tea), henna, Volovik drug. Some of these herbs are banned in Belgium, but in Germany they are already disused. Such as veno-occlusive disease of the liver that cause these plants are difficult not only for pronunciation but also for diagnosis and treatment. Most of all it is similar to chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Not indifferent to the pyrrolizidine alkaloids and for the cardio-pulmonary system. They can increase the pressure in the pulmonary circulation, contributing to the development of pulmonary heart. In addition, medicinal herbs can be plenty of other surprises. Because each of them contains such a number of components that they still have to study and study! And we come to the next error.

• Fourth error – herbs are better than pills because contain many components.

Sometimes it can be a disadvantage. When doctors combine several medications in one pill, they take into account the mechanisms of their actions, appreciate how components fit together. In nature the medicinal components of herbs are sometimes combined badly, they can each other to neutralize, to duplicate, to have the opposite effect and generally unpredictable to interact with each other.

For example, infusions of digitalis and Adonis contains various cardiac glycosides. They improve heart function, but in different ways – some better, some worse. Pharmacologists have removed the most toxic glycosides, isolated the most successful and received them by chemical means. Now the cores are wonderful drugs – digoxin, tselanid, izolanid, and many others. They are easily metered, and this is very important – glycosides easily overdose, if you apply the tincture of digitalis.

And this is the weakest point in herbalism: the herbs can not be accurately dosed. The concentration of the therapeutic components in the herb two bushes growing side by side, unequal; but if they are collected in different regions. In all dosage forms, prepared from herbs, the therapeutic concentration of the components varies widely, and, therefore, it is impossible to choose the right dose of medication. This definitely affects the quality of treatment. Not accidentally in severe cases, do not treat grasses, and “chemistry”.

Principal place of herbal medicine – prevention or treatment of mild lung disease, especially in the early stages. And always under the supervision of an experienced physician, and not at random, as this, unfortunately, makes most of us.

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