Types of strokes.
Stroke - acute advanced state of destruction of brain neurons as a result of impaired circulation. Therefore, in medical literature, stroke is more properly called acute violation of cerebral circulation.…

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Methods of preparation preparation and use of medicinal plants.
At independent collection of medicinal plants must adhere to certain terms and rules of collection, as only at certain times of the plant has all necessary for treating properties and…

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Coca Bush or Coca: and description, of useful and medicinal properties of Coca, used in the folk medicine and folk recipes from Coca
Coca Bush ( Erythroxylon coca ) is a shrub of the genus erythroxylum the family Erythroxylaceae. He has a thin oval leaves of green color, a little narrowed at the…

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Official and folk medicine

After fasting the return to food should be gradual.

On the first day of withdrawal from hunger divorced half of any vegetable or fruit juice, on the second day – the juice is undiluted, 1.5-2 liters, on the third day of vegetables and fruits and only on the 4th day – a small amount of any porridge on the water, a little bread, soup without meat. On the 5th day you can eat normal food.

When fasting and exit from it through the day the enema is done, no matter was it or not. With severe headaches (is the absorption of decay products from the intestines) is it necessary 2-3 times a day take a shower or bath. Then fasting will be much easier to move.

But fasting should begin gradually, you first need to prepare your body for three days, gradually increasing the volume of enema regardless, was the chair or not.

Means of official medicine

When ascites efforts should be directed at treatment of the underlying disease that caused it. Symptomatic treatment – diuretics, predominantly derivatives of Chlorothiazide, Aldosterone antagonists (e.g., Aldactone 400-1000 mg daily), mercurial diuretics (Mercosul)in the absence of nephritis.

The ineffectiveness of treatment resorted to puncture.


Sebaceous cyst – a sebaceous cyst. Is formed by blockage of the excretory duct of the sebaceous glands thickening secret. Atheroma occurs in areas rich in sebaceous glands (face, forehead, occipital area of the head, etc.).

The atheroma contains droplets of fat, cholesterol, Horny scales. Is usually on thicker skin. Atheroma often inflamed and may be subject to purulent fusion.

Treatment of atheroma surgery alone. The indications for surgery are cosmetic defects or suppuration atheroma. When inflammation of the atheroma only reveal, a completely removed together with the capsule only after healing. If the capsule is not removed, compulsory relapse.

Atherosclerosis common

Most commonly the disease is prevalent in highly developed countries such as USA, Russia, France, Germany, Italy. In Africa and South America atherosclerosis occurs much less frequently.

In addition, in large cities the disease is much more common than in rural areas. Men suffer from atherosclerosis in three to four times more often than women. These differences depend primarily on the conditions of life. Constant nervous stress, frequent stress, a food rich in animal fats – all these factors greatly contribute to the development of atherosclerosis.

Animals do not suffer from atherosclerosis. However, in the experiment, some of them managed to cause atherosclerotic changes in the arteries (through the introduction of dietary cholesterol or protein and fat products containing it), but these effects were much weaker than those that occur in human patients with atherosclerosis.

There are five main factors contributing to the emergence and progression of the disease:

1. Endocrine and metabolic disorders (predisposing).

2. Nervous disorders, leading to changes in lipid-protein balance.

3. Factor power (a large amount of cholesterol, protein and fat products introduced into the body with food).

4. Sedentary lifestyle.

5. Heredity.

It is now known that the main cause of atherosclerosis – a large amount of cholesterol circulating in human blood. Excess cholesterol in the form of plaques deposited on artery walls, reducing the lumen and reducing blood flow.

And reducing the amount of blood flowing to a particular organ, it causes oxygen starvation, disruption of and, ultimately, can lead to heart attack, stroke or heart attack. The artery can be compared to the water pipe, through which for a long time the water passes and which is gradually rust from the inside. As a result, the lumen of the tube decreases, the flow of water weakens, decreasing its number. This pipe needs to be changed.

But the artery is not replaced. So you should always strive to reduce the possibility of clogging (especially low-density lipoprotein).

Atherosclerotic process affects all the arteries, but depending on in which tissue and vessels, the process has gone on, there are several varieties of it: the atherosclerosis with primary defeat of vessels of the brain, atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels, atherosclerosis of vessels of lower extremities (obliterating endarteritis), etc.

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