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Protect against flu medical mask and “folk” means

Medical masks, oxolinic ointment, economic or tar soap — all these tools are in great demand during an epidemic of influenza. The Department of science dismantled the most popular methods of combating the flu.

The mask on the patient

Over the last few days on public transport and on the streets there were a lot of people in medical masks. Apparently, so healthy people are trying to protect against viruses and bacteria — if the person was ill, he would, most likely, was at home and not on the street.


Should I be afraid of reports of swine flu and deaths from it in different regions of Russia

However, medical masks do not help to escape from harmful microorganisms is proved by scientific research. So, in the spring of last year, the journal The BMJ Open has published the results of testing the effectiveness of medical masks as a means of protection from bacteria and viruses.

In research took part 1607 health professionals from 14 hospitals of Hanoi. Doctors and nurses were divided into three groups: one wore a fabric mask, second mask, made of nonwoven material, and a third group did not wear masks at all.

It turned out that

mask sheet pass through 97% of germs and viruses, non-woven mask stop 56% of dangerous microorganisms.They protect from tiny droplets that are allocated to the sick person when coughing or sneezing, but gradually, these droplets are accumulated on the mask and, in turn, become a source of pathogens.

Thus, we can derive simple rules for the use of medical masks. First, it is worn, if you get sick, it will protect others from secreted by your body droplets of mucus and to hurt you. Secondly, a healthy person a mask to wear just in case he is forced to stay in close contact with the patient. In this case, the mask needs to be changed about every half to two hours. And thirdly, if you have a choice, better to buy a mask from non-woven material, however, in the context of current shortages of protective equipment that would not be easy.

Unproven oxoline


Doctors cannot understand how a hospital patient has contracted bird flu

Oxolinic ointment is familiar to all from childhood — during epidemics of influenza parents always forced children to smear her nasal mucosa. Now, when the media reported every day an increasing number of cases, oxolinic ointment pharmacies can only be found early in the morning, after delivery of the goods, — the day it no longer remains. In a pharmacy the pharmacist told to the correspondent that ointment is left and in stock and new acquisitions of goods in the near future.

As a drug oxolinic ointment has been registered in our country in 1970. According to the developer, active ingredient ointment has effect on the influenza viruses, herpes, and adenoviruses.

Despite the wide popularity of oxolinic ointment,

there are no data on the registration of drugs with the same active ingredient in countries outside of the former USSR. In addition, the efficiency of oxoline not been proved, as randomised comparative clinical trials of the ointment have not been conducted.

However, even if the oxolinic ointment is not as effective as we used to think, use it if you wish you can still. Ointment is excreted per day, the percentage of absorption is small (5% — when applied to the skin and about 20% when applied to the mucous membrane), and among the side effects is only possible a slight burning sensation, which disappears quickly. In addition, the placebo effect also has not been canceled.

Soap — alternative medicine


What is the flu and how to avoid it

The nasal mucosa can to smear not only oxolinic ointment, and soap — economic or tar, at least, doing so many. The soap actually has disinfectant properties, but it does not mean that it will save you from the flu.

In the soap, there is lauric acid — this substance has a broad antibacterial and antiviral properties. Including lauric acid and detrimental effect on the influenza viruses — at least this is stated in the publication of three researchers, Sheri Lieberman, Mary Enig and Harry Preuss. The work was published in the journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (“the Journal of alternative and non-traditional medicine”, the impact factor 1.585). The authors of the study also known for his books about weight loss and developing methods for weight loss.

In the database of medical articles PubMed failed to find scientific studies that have reported on the influence of lauric acid on the influenza virus.

It turns out that the situation with the soap is the same as with oxolinic ointment, worse from it will not, but also guarantee protection from the flu, it does not.

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