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The Dolphin therapy. Animals treated

That contact with dolphins can have a therapeutic effect on the human body – is familiar to nearly everyone.

But what are the mechanisms of exposure of marine mammal to human?

Treatment through communication with dolphins has on the body diverse effects. First, the impact of the specific length of the sound waves, that the animals produce, in addition, it is an active movement with a pet, the healing effect of salty sea water. We should not forget about the positive impact on the psyche of communicating with animals. Dolphins are very sociable animals, they like to call people together to move, frolic, and even “chat”. The overall effect of all these components is so positive and strong that in some cases it is stronger than medical intervention.

One of the main factors of influence on the Dolphin man – is ultrasound. This factor is used in the treatment of people at least four decades. Created a special device that emits ultrasound, and the procedure itself is called phonophoresis or sonophoresis .

How does the ultrasound on the human body?

The influence of ultrasound is interesting because it includes not any body parts or organs, and affects the processes taking place in cells. Of course, the ultrasounds emitted by living organisms, more organic effect on man, than produced by the devices. Therefore, the treatment of dolphins cannot be replaced by any physiotherapeutic procedures. The animal produces sounds naturally, and they are indispensable in the treatment of patients.

The effect of ultrasound on cells like a massage every single cell. Therefore, improving metabolism, accelerates the absorption of medications. Activates the movement of fluids in the body, in interstitial space. The ultrasound “pushes” all the fluid, eliminating swelling even in the most remote places, where no masseuse can’t get. There is evidence that this type of sound relieves pain by affecting the body like a strong pain killer .

Ultrasound made by animals, live, it varies in intensity and power, because in this way the animals communicate with each other. Ultrasound also is used by animals for echolocation terrain under water. After all, see these wonderful animals is not very good. But excellent hearing and the ability to use ultrasound to compensate for the lack of vigilance. Since the sounds in a dense aqueous medium transferred very quickly, it is possible to do even without eyes.

If a man is fifty centimetres away from the animal, a sound wave with a frequency of five Hertz at intervals of two and a half seconds produced a Dolphin and affect the patient. If the patient lies on his back, the animal swims closer and the beam of ultrasound focused into a region of a human head. Sometimes the beam is directed on the spine .

We should not neglect the powerful emotional impact inflicted on the patient when dealing with animals. Dolphins are very friendly, curious and sociable. The person, being near them in the water, feels safe. Subconsciously people fully trust the animal. A very important and positive image of dolphins, which established itself in the mind of almost every person. Man and Dolphin work together on assignments and people are very surprised at how comfortable this interaction, the animal is always the right time to “lend a hand”. This helps to motivate the patient, to remove psychological barriers.

In order for such communication has indeed had a therapeutic effect, the therapy should be recurring. If it’s one or two session in a month, then therapeutic effects will not. But only pleasure. It is very important systematic courses taking place in a certain pattern designed individually. The exercises change every time, more complicated as it progresses. If every time to do the same thing, no progress will be made in the patient’s condition.

The scheme of treatment is for each patient together psychologists and therapists. In preparing the plan take into account the age, disease, psychological state of the patient. And the doctor-Dolphin before you work with every patients undergoing special training. During the next procedures certainly is the doctor that monitors the correct execution of the tasks and if necessary make amendments.

The Dolphin is wonderful combined with any other therapies. Often combine her vibroacoustical, psychotherapy, light therapy, or thalassotherapy. In addition, assigned the massages. charging. Preferably to be treated in a specialized institution directly into the sea.

Before treatment you should consult a neurologist. endocrinologist and therapist. Perhaps the dolphins need to normalize the functioning of endocrine glands and other internal organs.

Before applying you should consult with a specialist.

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