Herbs for easy breathing
In the offseason, as usual, many overcome lingering cold. It would seem that the disease has receded long ago but ill-fated cough still persists. What to do? How to get…

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Feline (cat) therapy so: cat treats diseases of the people
Cosmotherapy cures many diseases. Feline – this kind of "therapy cats". Everyone knows that communicating with animals is people only benefit, but cats have special healing properties: they treat not…

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The cultivation, collection and drying of medicinal plants on the plot
Medicinal herbs are one of the most versatile plants for gardeners. Plants will feel good in any space where enough sunlight and complied with the conditions necessary humidity. There are…

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Animals that we treat

The topic of animal therapy – treatment of animals is shrouded in myths. Often after reading articles published in medical journals, there is a feeling that dogs, cats, rabbits and horses heal the human by his presence than a traditional doctors. Unfortunately, sometimes these misconceptions lead to unpleasant consequences. “We have long been treated with dogs girl who had developmental delays and serious sebacate, – says Tatiana Lyubimova, owner of canine therapy centre “Sunny dog”. – The results were very good, and joyful parents decided to make my daughter a surprise – to give the dog, because she loved to communicate with our quadruped therapists. But the dog they got from a shelter, and a small puppy, which should have been done, scared child and scratched her hands.” Treatment of animals is not a panacea and is not a fairy tale, which often give animal-assisted therapy. Specialists distinguish non-directional therapy, when a person just gets pleasure talking and watching our smaller brethren, and aimed. The last involved a specially trained therapy animals, working in tandem with a human expert on pre-designed treatment programs. Subdivide the animal-assisted therapy is accepted by animals that are involved in it: canistherapy with dogs, hippotherapy, which has grown from equestrian sport is feline – socializing with cats, Dolphin humans treat dolphins.A little stand of different therapeutic programs in which animals are known as assistants psychologist. In this case, our smaller brethren do not usually undergo special training courses, reports UNIAN.

Most reliable friend

Therapists dogs often work with children with autism, patients with down syndrome or cerebral palsy. Communication with dogs is helpful in the event of a delay of psycho-physiological development, communication problems, when the child is aggressive or, on the contrary, silent, too shy. “Depending on the diagnosis of a sick child, want to work, in front of the dogs-therapists are different tasks. Sometimes they have to lie still under the baby to relax, – tells Tatyana Lyubimova. – Often need to endure uncomplaining punching, kicks, loud cries, when they not only growl, but even a little bit to evade the child. With some of our patients on the contrary they play together, crawl and overcome the simplest of obstacles.”

Four-legged friend can give a child something that is not full-grown adults. Even the best teacher, communicating with the baby, subconsciously evaluates it. The dog accepts him as he is, just because he’s a man. That’s why therapists often take Labradors or Golden retrievers, which is distinguished by optimism, friendly presence and boundless faith in man.

Use horseback riding in the treatment of various psychological and neurological diseases started in the late 50-ies of the last century. The list of diseases where it is shown hippotherapy, impressive. It includes disorders of the musculoskeletal system, arteriosclerosis and prostatitis, and scoliosis, and mental retardation. “During the movement the horse creates a three-dimensional fluctuations, it is moving at the same pace. It’s good for the psyche the fact that the formation of new neural connections, this is especially important for children. When riding a horse a person begins to feel his body, because in order to ride, need to feel the center of gravity, balance, explains Natalia Vitovska, instructor psychologist social center hippotherapy “Centauri”. – Very important tactile sensation, when the man pats the horse, feeds her, cleans”.

Watching the animals, man is distracted from their daily problems. You can talk with them, they can complain, complain. “Shy, emotionless children who find themselves in the living area, can for the first time spontaneously to show their emotions. All these “Ah”, “Oh”, cries of surprise when you look at the funny crow could become the first step at which a child begins to go out in the world of communication with other people, – says Tatiana Semioshkina, teacher-defectologist of the Rybinsk centre for minors “the Mentor”. – At us in class was a child of four years, which is almost never talked. Seeing the goose that pooped in the bathroom, where were the lessons, the little girl approached the teacher and said, “kaká! Clean up!” It was almost the first occasion in a girl’s life when she on his own initiative appealed to strangers”.

Animals: use wisely

In the USA an experiment was conducted in nursing homes, which were allowed to have Pets, elderly people, patients with depression and refuses to even communicate with the staff, after six months have radically changed their behavior. Taking care of Pets, they gradually began to leave their rooms and communicate with each other. And for the first time in 1961 to use animals for treatment of mental disorders is a psychiatrist from the USA Boris Levinson. He became the founder of animal therapy.

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