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Feline (cat) therapy so: cat treats diseases of the people

Cosmotherapy cures many diseases.

Feline – this kind of “therapy cats”.

Everyone knows that communicating with animals is people only benefit, but cats have special healing properties: they treat not only physiological, but also psychological ailments.

Feline: the essence and benefit of communicating with cats ^

With the treatment cats is in direct contact with people, where the invisible link: cats healing people, feeding on negative energy, leaving a positive exchange of energy.

How to treat cats? There are 4 ways of influencing the psyche and the human body:

The sound waves produced by the cat, enhance immunity, because the range of their “murricane” is considered the most favorable – from 16 to 44 Hz. Sick animals also purr, thus healing yourself and prolonging life;

Heat. The average body temperature of the cat varies between 38-39 0 C and has a beneficial warming effect on the entire body;

The electrostatic field generated by the contact of human skin with a cat’s coat.

Energy. Treating cats react to negative energy and take it, ostavlyali positive emotions, it’s so nice to see and stroke this rumbling ball of positive!

Treat a cat person? Of course, treat, and proof you can give some evidence of good communication with them:

Improves mood, is depression;

Normal blood pressure;

Increased immunity;

Are painful;

Decreases sensitivity and excitability of the nervous system;

Decreases the risk of myocardial infarction;

Children with delay of mental development better adjusted in life.

There is a huge list about what diseases are treated the cats, but among them are most common:

Cancer at any stage;

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

Chronic fatigue, depression and neuroses;

Diseases of the stomach, liver and intestines;

Alcohol, drug or nicotine addiction;



Lung disease;

Unstable blood pressure (hypertension, hypotension);


Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

Gynecological diseases.

Avoid the presence of cats nearby, if there is an Allergy or skin diseases. People with mental diseases in the acute stage or being in a constant state of aggression, the treatment of cats is prohibited because they can cause animals great harm. The same applies to those who do not like animals (particularly cats) – from this “healing” will not be good, and harm can be caused not strong man and a weak and defenceless animal.

Cats can keep only those people who truly love them. If earlier they were brought in as mousetraps, nowadays they are more popular as Pets and family members.

What breed of cats are treated ^

All cats differ in type of coat and color:

So, it is believed that long-haired individuals (Persian, chinchilla, Burmese) treat mental disorders, depression, insomnia;+

Cats with medium length hair. (American Bobtail, Abyssinian) are in great esteem by the people suffering from heart disease;

Short-haired or hairless (Devon Rex, Sphynx, Cornish Rex) heal gastritis, colitis, diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Siamese differs from other species by killing microbes in the house – it helps them to cure the common cold.

There is a perception that British cats are treated and help to recover faster after a heart attack, including re: some foreign hospitals are usually given to pet and cuddle the kitty to a sick person – so it raises people’s spirits and reduces pain.

Healing ability a sterilized animal is much lower than the ability of individuals with existing reproductive functions.

In addition to coat lengths, there are also factors affecting the person, as color:

Cat, black in color reduces fatigue and takes 2 times more negative energy than cats of other colors;

The presence of the cream color has a positive effect on man;

Red, tricolor and gray give more positive energy than others;

Blue-grey have a calming effect on the mind, relieve stress;

White cure all the above ailments and improve the human metabolism.

Cats or cats treated – it all depends on the desired result. Cats well they treat diseases of the internal organs of cats had a disease of the back and joints.

Briefly about some breeds of cats treating

Is feline in the home.

All of the above characterizes the breed in General, because the main traits of the animal depend on upbringing and attitude of the owner towards her.

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