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The cultivation of medicinal plants in the garden

For millennia, people used the gifts of nature and grow herbs in my vegetable garden . The ability to differentiate between useful and poisonous plants, finding edible roots, our ancestors from an early age taught their children. After all, in those days for ordinary people such knowledge was much more useful to honor and wore a casual-oriented. Now this knowledge is in the most part been neglected.

The content

Useful properties of medicinal herbs

For example, everyone knows that to stop bleeding on a wound or abrasion you have to put a plantain leaf. But with the same purpose can be used a number of other plants: the medicinal Burnet, celandine, lungwort, tansy, marsh cinquefoil, calamus… Healing healing properties, so have our favorite wild berries — lingonberries, blueberries, cranberries, stone bramble, blueberry.

It may surprise you to learn that is already engaged in the cultivation of medicinal plants at his dacha. Look around, here they are: fragrant bird cherry tree at the gate, red ash under the window, water lilies, or Lily in a tiny pond. Beautiful, isn’t it? But these plants are not only elements of Feng Shui to your yard and are designed to feast the eye. They will help you to provide first aid for injury and stop the bleeding. The cultivation of medicinal herbs will not require from you any Belogorod or excessive costs. Need is that deep passion, some knowledge Yes a small plot of land.

The benefits of growing

The cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs — very exciting and interesting hobby. Just think how beneficial!

First, if you are in the country, you always have at hand your “green friends”. In case of trouble do not have to scour the medicine Cabinet, check expiry date of medicines, to flee for help to the neighbors. Rather, for advice and assistance will go to you.

Secondly, Hobbies, landscaping and herbal medicine can be perfectly combined. Currently investigated about half a million species of plants with medicinal properties. Something herbs probably suitable for cultivation in the conditions of your site. As well as for its medicinal properties will be useful to you and your family. For example, a fairly hardy and durable culture as a sage. Sage likes a well-lit space, easily tolerates drought and does not tolerate excess moisture. It is actively used in the fight against inflammation, stomatitis, tonsillitis. Another option for landscaping area is the hips. This ancient medicinal plant is extremely undemanding and is a real “factory” for the production of vitamin C. in Addition, rosehip is prescribed for gastric ulcer and duodenum, for the treatment of hypertension and gynecological diseases, for the prevention of atherosclerosis and as a General tonic. And yet, if you plant bushes tight enough to each other, that could be a spectacular hedge.

Thirdly, the cultivation of medicinal plants in natural conditions was always into Nature itself. That’s why they have the enviable love of life and will require only minimal maintenance on your part. It usually lies in the additional soil moisture in very dry weather, and weeding.

Fourthly, by being observant, you can always replenish your garden with new plants, just digging him in the woods. Transplant to the new location should be based on the usual growing conditions.

Peculiarities of collection and use

Of course, to enjoy the gifts of nature without risk of harm, we need certain knowledge and skills. Some medicinal plants are the roots, others the leaves, buds, flowers. Others can be consumed without residue. The important role herbal medicine plays in the dosage: sometimes taken in large quantities, the medicine turns into poison. So all you need to know the measure, especially in the consumption of such a carefully grown medicinal plants.

By the way, the flowers are usually collected in the strongest period of their flowering, and renal collecting is in early spring, before they start blooming. The bark of trees is also better to harvest in the spring, using the trees are 2-3 years old. The leaves have maximum healing power if they are collected during flowering or just before it. Thus, medicinal plants in your summer cottage are a good alternative to chemical drugs. But to their cultivation and consumption should be treated responsibly.

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