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A plant of South America, passion fruit, beneficial properties of the fruit

A plant of South America, passion fruit, beneficial properties of the fruit which we now consider, you know in our country not so long ago. Moreover, most consumers are familiar with him as a filler for various yogurts. Passion fruit has a delightful flavor and rich nutritional composition, whereby it is valued so highly by nutritionists. Regular consumption of this fruit will positively affect many body systems and help to strengthen health.

Cultivation and types of passion fruit

The birthplace of this fruit is Brazil. The French and British call it “passion fruit”, which translates as “fruit of passion”. Moreover, implied here is not amorous passion, and the passion of the Christ, as the flowers of this plant resemble the crown of thorns.

Plantation of passion fruit concentrated in Central and South America, New Zealand, India and Hawaii.

In the Russian language in the name of the fruit is accepted by the accent on the penultimate syllable of “passion fruit”, but it is wrong. The word has Indian origins, and in this tongue the accent always falls on the last syllable. Therefore, the correct pronunciation is “passion fruit”. The name, a foothold in the Russian language probably came from Poland, as the product itself.

The fruit of this plant, depending on variety, can be painted in purple or yellow color, hard to have a smooth or wavy surface. Nutriment are edible seeds with a yellow wrapper, has a specific aroma and sour taste.

Useful properties of passion fruit

Passion fruit has a positive effect on digestive processes, it is used for prevention of intestinal infections and constipation. Due to the low calorie and low in fat, these fruits can be a wonderful addition to the diet for people who want to lose weight.

Known about the positive effects of passion fruit on the liver and urogenital system. Since the fruits have a mild anti-infective and diuretic, they are very effective for infections of the urinary tract.

Also to the beneficial properties of the fruit of the passion fruit include relief from asthma symptoms, blood pressure normalization, prevention of headaches and migraines. Also regular consumption of this fruit helps to reduce the occurrence of rheumatism.

Passion fruit is rich in vitamin A, which contributes to the acceleration of processes of regeneration of cells and improves eyesight, and vitamin E to help improve skin condition.

The composition of this product includes the B vitamins are involved in many hormonal and chemical processes that are constantly occurring in a healthy organism.

In addition, in this exotic, fragrant fruit contains a lot of minerals and mineral salts. In particular, iron improves blood circulation and increases the level of hemoglobin, due to the presence of calcium and fluorine improves the condition of bones and teeth, potassium and phosphorus useful for the nervous and cardiovascular system, magnesium has a beneficial effect on the heart. In addition to the composition of the passion fruit consists of minerals such as sodium, zinc and copper.

Passion fruit has some element of serotonin, which has calming properties, as well as having a strong impact on the Central nervous system.

Accordingly, the use of passion fruit helps relieve nervous tension, nervousness and stress. Also, these fruits can be used for the prevention and treatment so common today problems, such as chronic insomnia. In addition, this tropical fruit stimulates the cleansing processes in the body, resulting in getting rid of toxins. This applies in particular to heavy metals and harmful acids.

Use in cooking

Many people who see this exotic fruit for the first time, asking: “How can he eat?”. Actually it’s very simple – with a knife, carefully cut the peel of passion fruit in a circle (just the circle, not half), and the blade should enter into the fruit by about half a centimeter, then divide the halves of the fruit so that the juice does not leak. Yellow pulp with seeds is the most convenient to eat with a teaspoon. Aroma of passion fruit does not break away from the fruits and seeds nice snap on teeth.

Most often in cooking is used passion fruit pulp. It helps to create the unique taste of cakes and pies. In addition, it is often used to prepare fruit salads, but in this case it is necessary to add in the last turn, before the actual mixing. Very harmoniously combined this fruit with kiwi, so cooks often prepare fruit sauces based on fruit data. Sunflower seeds kiwi and passion fruit are piquant “flavor” sauces, giving a gentle sour taste and leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Passion fruit juice is used for preparation of different cocktails. Is a delicious combination of mango juice, passion fruit, and absinthe – like cocktail will fall in love with any gourmet.

In short, when there is the opportunity to try this exotic fruit do not deny yourself this pleasure – enjoy the delicious taste of passion fruit and get the benefit from it!

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