Nowadays, when more and more topics are discussed drawbacks and side effects with medical treatment, a large actualization acquire alternative methods of treatment, including physiotherapy. Literally, from the Greek physical…

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Nowadays, when more and more topics are discussed drawbacks and side effects with medical treatment, a large actualization acquire alternative methods of treatment, including physiotherapy.

Literally, from the Greek physical therapy means “Treatment by the nature” (physis — nature and therapy – treatment) or physical treatment.

Physiotherapy is an area of medicine that studies the effects on the human body of various natural factors (such as: water, air, sun, etc.) or artificially produced physical factors. Both natural and artificial factors are aimed at health improvement, maintenance and preservation of human health.

The first historical evidence of use of the natural phenomena known since the primitive society. Even then, actively used sources of mineral waters, sun, and dirt to fight with various diseases.

Physicians Ancient Rome used the fact that some fish are capable of generating electrical current at a low voltage of, for relief of pain and treatment of diseases such as migraine and gout. His contribution to the promotion of the use for therapeutic purposes was made by ancient scientists Galen, Avicenna and Hippocrates, which are widely used hydrotherapy. In Ancient Russia already practiced using “acidic water” and steam bath in the treatment and prevention of articular diseases, treatment of kidneys.

All treatment methods at that time were mainly based on experimental experiences, without any scientific justification mechanisms for specific therapeutic effects. By the mid-eighteenth century with the development of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other natural Sciences, has made possible the development of so-called “preformed” physical factors, which significantly increased the Arsenal used physical treatment methods. Thanks to the scientific works Gerike discovered a way of producing static electricity, as well as Volta and Galvani had created one of the most famous methods of treatment is galvanization. On the basis of the works of Th.Herschel, A. Dobereiner, A. Duoa, A. Blount, A. N. Maklakova were obtained the first information about the mechanisms of physiological and therapeutic action of ultra-violet and infrared rays. In Russia, under Peter I were organized resorts was used in combination with physical treatment. One of the first was organized by the resort on the territory of Karelia.

By the beginning of XX century had accumulated a huge amount of experimental data for a variety of therapeutic effects, making it possible to combine them a single medical discipline – physical therapy.

Currently, physiotherapy is divided into areas depending on physical factors to achieve a therapeutic effect:

Electric energy


Heat therapy

Light radiation


Magnetic field

Mechanical energy

Sometimes to achieve the best therapeutic effect can be used multiple methods of different physical factors. Quite often physical therapy is successfully combined with other therapeutic agents.

One of the main advantages of physical methods of treatment is the universality of their actions, so that one and the same factor can be applied for different diseases. Today, physiotherapy, in addition to the healing effect is prophylactic use.

Our specialists with expert knowledge and years of proven practice individually You will choose methods that take into account not only medical data, age and individual characteristics of Your body.

Although physiotherapy is widely used for prevention and treatment of many diseases not to mention cases where you should abandon it.

Contraindications for physiotherapy include: blood disorders, severe neurosis, malignant neoplasms, diseases of the cardiovascular system, acute inflammatory infectious processes, epilepsy, hypertension is not above II degree expressed cachexia, thrombosis, individual tolerability of a physical factor.

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