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Cocoa powder: the benefits and harms.

Cocoa powder is an important constituent of confections. It is used in many products because it can improve the taste of products. In addition, cocoa powder has the useful properties that enable its use in cosmetology and folk medicine.

Cocoa powder was discovered by the Spanish conquistadors in Peru and Mexico. They noticed that the ancient Aztecs ground cocoa pods, and then mixed them with honey, hot spices and cook fragrant, nourishing and healing beverage called “Chocolatl”.

Cocoa beans were considered very valuable and even served as currency. For example, a slave could be bought for 500 beans. The first time chocolate was available only to the Royal family in Mexico, but after some time he came to Europe, where very long had a popularity.

Cocoa powder: the benefits and harms.

The cocoa drink is loved by many children and it is not in vain. Besides pleasant taste, it has many useful properties.

Use cocoa powder:

it includes theobromine, which has invigorating properties, softer in comparison with caffeine. Therefore, cocoa can be used for people who are contraindicated coffee. Almost no theobromine affects the nervous system, but stimulates the respiratory system and cardiovascular, so cocoa poroskoten in bronchial asthma ;

cocoa protects your teeth from the effects of sugar;

cocoa high-calorie, quickly saturates, but does not lead to obesity;

cocoa contains the antidepressant fenilefilamin that improves a person’s mood and eliminates depression and melancholy;

proteins and fatty acids cocoa regulate the amount of cholesterol in the blood;

cocoa contains fiber;

in cocoa there are many vitamins, including folic acid;

cocoa contains large amounts of minerals such as zinc and iron.

it also has purines involved in the synthesis of proteins of living tissues and enzymes;

cocoa powder reduces blood pressure, as prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels in men;

flavonoids in cocoa have antioxidant properties, meaning they protect the body from free radicals and stimulate the circulatory system;

in cocoa there is a natural melanin – the pigment having the property to absorb and neutralize the harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays that helps to prevent cancer of the skin. So before going to sea should start a daily intake of cocoa or chocolate quality.

The dangers of cocoa powder is that it invigorates the body, and can disrupt sleep. For this reason, chocolate and cocoa drink is better to drink in the morning. Sometimes the doctors say about allergic to cocoa powder. However, it is not entirely accurate. In this case, the Allergy is not on the cocoa powder, and the shell of insects that live in cocoa beans and can get in the processing into powder.

Therapeutic dose of cocoa powder or dark chocolate for a day is the dose from 20 to 100 g.

Cocoa powder in the home of cosmetology.

1. Wrap with cocoa powder. Boil 200 g of cocoa powder with half a litre of boiling water and leave to infuse until the swelling mixture. After this, the mixture must be applied to problem areas, wrap with cling film for an hour and then remove with warm water without soap.

The wrapping procedures can be found in our article: Wraps against cellulite .

2. Scrub for face and body. Connect equal amounts of corn flour and cocoa powder. Then attach the honey to achieve a creamy consistency. Apply scrub on hands, face, neck, décolletage and a little massage. Leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse with warm water without soap.

3. Chocolate tub. First brew the desired amount of cocoa powder (from 100 g to 2 kg) boiling water to form a creamy mixture, and then pour the mixture in a bath of warm water. Soak in a chocolate bath for about half an hour once a week, and you will notice how the skin becomes smooth, velvety, toned and moisturized.

Healthy life wishes you beauty and health!

Cocoa powder: use for memory.

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