Herbs for easy breathing
In the offseason, as usual, many overcome lingering cold. It would seem that the disease has receded long ago but ill-fated cough still persists. What to do? How to get…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants in the garden
For millennia, people used the gifts of nature and grow herbs in my vegetable garden . The ability to differentiate between useful and poisonous plants, finding edible roots, our ancestors…

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Unique instructor training qigong, tai Chi and Chinese medicine
The participants of the event Information about the event Information NOU "Academy of traditional systems of healing and human development" (Russia) jointly with Chinese representative office Yunnan-Guipuscoa Institute of tai…

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Medicine Of Ancient China

The main historical sources on ancient China healing. The prevention of diseases as one of the strengths of ancient Chinese medicine. The influence of the philosophical categories of Yin and Yang on the development and perfection of methods of treatment and diagnosis of diseases.

The emergence of medical knowledge in ancient China and Egypt. Analysis of famous classical work of the ancient Chinese medicine “Huangdi nei-Jing” (“Treatise”). The Chinese Qi-Gong. Papyrus Ebers and production of drugs in II—III centuries BC.

Sources of studying the history of primitive medicine and pharmacology, the cult and operational methods of healing available to primitive people. Medicine of Ancient China, India and Ancient Egypt, the ways of learning medicine in these countries and their differences.


The development of pharmacology in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, ancient China and Asia. The development of pharmacy among the countries of East and Europe. Encyclopedic works of Avicenna and their role in the development of medicine and pharmacy in Europe. General provisions practical medicine.

The history of medical practice of ancient Egypt, in which we distinguish three major periods: Imperial, Greco-Roman and Byzantine, which goes into the middle ages. Lighting of healing the Imperial period and the medical follow-up periods in the history of ancient Egypt.

The development of medical knowledge. Periodization of the history of medicine. Construction of sanitation facilities. Medicine in Imperial and Republican periods of Roman history. Philosophical principles of medicine of ancient Rome. The establishment of military medicine.

Outline of development periods of the history of medicine of Ancient China. Taoist beliefs on the structure of the Universe, as a basis of Chinese medicine. Substantiation of health conditions and diseases on the concept of “Yin-Yang” in traditional healing. The method of acupuncture.


The beginning of the organization of medical Affairs. Philosophical principles of medicine of ancient Rome. The establishment of military medicine. Roman medicine in the works of Celsus and Dioscorides. Medical information in the “Natural history” of Pliny the Elder. The development of medical knowledge.

The subject of study of the course “History of medicine”. Global medical Affairs. Methods and techniques of healing. Treatment of patients in the ancient world, in the Ancient East, in Egypt. Folk medicine of Ancient Russia. The development of surgery in Russia.

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The periodization of history and medicine in ancient Rome. The practice of medicine in the Imperial period. Medicine of the period of the Republic and the Empire. The beginning of the organization of medical Affairs. Philosophical principles of medicine of ancient Rome. The establishment of military medicine. The teachings of Galen and galenism.

A brief history of the formation and development of Chinese medicine, its characteristic features and peculiarities. The typical features that distinguish China from modern Western medicine. A holistic approach to the analysis of phenomena. Modern methods of Chinese medicine.

The history of ancient Egyptian medicine and pharmacology. The medical papyrus of Ancient Egypt. The development of surgery and traumatology. The use of preventive and therapeutic agents. Forms of preparation of medicines. Guidelines for the diagnosis of patients.

The history of the development of Chinese medicine. Anatomical and physiological concepts in ancient times. The main methods opposite treatment, medicinal herbs, massage and acupuncture. Medical activities in the temples. The Influence Of The Soviet Union.

Familiarization with features of healing in the period of primitive society. Characteristics of the system of training specialists in acupuncture in Ancient China. Identification and analysis of the historical significance of the works of Hippocrates and of Aristotle.

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An overview of the history and present of Chinese medicine. Feature available to date, nine of its specialized areas: therapy, external medicine, gynecology, Pediatrics, ophthalmology, laryngology, orthopedics, massage and acupuncture.


Achievements in the field of culture, economic and political activities in Ancient Egypt. The art of medicine and pharmacology in the state. Specialty physicians: internal, skin, dental, eye, gastrointestinal diseases, surgeons and obstetricians.

Features of the development of pharmacology in the Muscovite state. History of discovery the first pharmacies and their main components. Consideration of healing in the proto-Slavic period, and the sanitary thing in the Ancient Russian state. The development of pharmacy and medicine.

The relationship between the concepts of “healing” and “medicine”. The periodization of history and healing, philosophical basis of Chinese medicine and the formation of traditions, the great physician. Medicine in Western Europe during the early and classical middle ages: the case of hospital.

The history of formation of medicine in Ancient Egypt, the sources and directions of the study of relevant knowledge. The relationship of this science with religion. The scope of the study: hygiene, physical education, pharmacology, physiology, surgery, ophthalmology and others.

Methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Guasha therapy as a natural method of treatment based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine. The methods and procedure for applying scraping massage Guasha, its features, the main indications and healing properties.

Medicinal herbs and plants as a business Ukraine
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