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Our grandmothers could boast of oblique diameter of a fist that clung to the heel. Long hair was considered to be the wealth of Russian beauties. But as the years…

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Angina treatment of folk remedies
Angina – is an acute infectious disease that affects the larynx, the nasopharynx and tonsils caused by staphylococci, streptococci or pneumococci. For the treatment of angina in classic medicine often…

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In recent years more and more people are showing interest in Chinese medicine and to healing the body using natural methods (food, water, air, light, positive emotions, movement) and non-traditional…

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Physical therapy — treatment using natural and artificially created physical factors such as currents, magnetic fields, light, water, air, heat, ultrasound and so on.

Physical therapy is the perfect complement, and in some cases the main method of treatment of various diseases. It is indispensable in rehabilitation and recovery after illness, to prevent relapse of diseases, strengthening the child’s body.

Physical therapy effects painless . have low side effects and few contraindications, which is especially important when treating children, compatible with the drug therapy.

Modern high-tech devices for physical therapy give your doctor the possibility of limited and local impact on the individual organs of the body, externally and penetrating deeply into the body. Given these opportunities, physical therapy has become widely used in children from an early age and in various diseases.

Physiotherapy treatments have on the body multilateral physical, physico-chemical and biological effects by causing changes in various functional systems of the organism at the cellular and molecular level. As a result of physiotherapy decreasing vosstanovitelnyi defense response that provides long-lasting therapeutic effect.

Qualified doctor individually for each child picks up medical procedures, energy, power and time of exposure, the localization and the number of procedures taking into account the patient’s age, diagnosis, severity and stage of disease. The doctor also assesses the dynamics of treatment and if necessary make an adjustment.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound has long been well established as an effective physiotherapeutic influence. Ultrasound therapy can be administered independently and serve as part of the structured physician of the treatment regimen. This method reduces drug load on the child’s body and associated risk of side effects. Ultrasound stimulates the metabolic processes in cells, enhances their viability and accelerates the recovery of damaged tissues. Physiotherapy ultrasound is indicated for treatment of tonsillitis, chronic inflammatory diseases of maxillary sinuses, bronchial asthma, to correct the burn, colloid scars.


It is gentle way of medical intervention on the child’s body. Under the influence of an electric field the solution of medicinal substances intensively penetrates through the skin and mucous membranes, and exert their curative effects, without overloading the urinary system. The method is easily tolerated by children of all ages.

Electrophoresis with drugs

The method of electrotherapy modulated currents low power. Has analgesic effect, reduces venous stasis, improves blood circulation, eliminates swelling, improves skin tone and motor activity of various groups of muscles.


This is one of the methods of physiotherapy treatment or the use for therapeutic purposes of continuous electric current of low power and voltage.The essence of this method consists in passing a galvanic current through the organs and tissues of the body, resulting in they have physico-chemical transformations due to the change of the ion charge.The minimum age for this procedure is 4-6 weeks from birth. The current strength during the session, use significantly less and the duration of exposure and rate 1/3 shorter than in adults.

Ultraviolet irradiation

Ultraviolet irradiation is applied even in infants, from the birth, for the prevention and treatment of many pathologies.

Indications can be pyoderma, diseases of navel, hypercalcemia (when spring is born with a Fontanelle is almost closed), upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, bronchitis. Contraindications to the use of ultraviolet irradiation in common. Not prescribed if the low hemoglobin level. The lower bound is 60 units.

Ultrasonic inhalation

A method of physiotherapy based on the decomposition of a liquid using mechanical vibrations of ultra-high frequency or ultrasound. For these inhalations use solutions of medicinal substances that have broncholytic, secretolytic effect. The duration of daily inhalation is carried out for 5-10 min. Ultrasonic inhalations can be used from infancy.

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