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Useful properties of pumpkin, the benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds

Pearl vitamins

Primacy in determining the useful properties of pumpkin belongs to the people of South America. The Emperor of China met overseas guests with dishes of pumpkin, praising the healing quality of exotic vegetable. In Japan believe that the pumpkin seeds should be consumed men.

In Europe, a real jewel of vitamins came only in the 18th century. Today, the pumpkin, from the pulp to the seeds, the raw material for the production of medicines, cosmetic creams, a fundamental element in the development of dietary recipes, an inexhaustible source of culinary delights.

Pumpkin and traditional medicine

Traditional healers compared the pumpkin with the sun that brings health and longevity. A gourd vessel of inexhaustible reserves of vitamins and minerals.

Starts a list of vitamin a needed to improve vision. Second place after carrot juice to carotene content.

Vitamin b and Harry Potter

The children of today, following the hero of the movie Harry Potter, abandoning his usual sparkling water get in the pumpkin juice the real wealth of vitamins: vitamin D and the minerals copper, iron and phosphorus. Vitamin composition – and protection from decay. Drunk at night a glass of fresh juice will improve sleep, will put in order shattered nerves.

Not far behind grandchildren and grandmothers that a daily glass of juice of photogalerie pain in the heart, the development of atherosclerosis and to avoid insomnia.

Useful properties of pumpkin

In the pulp of the pumpkin a crucial set of vitamins. She needed to improve bowel function. Pumpkin pulp brings relief to those who have hyperacidity. Pumpkin rids the body of unnecessary salts and slags. A decoction of pumpkin restores metabolism, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Traditional medicine of Tibet has used the pumpkin in his practice, recommending it as an antiemetic for pregnant women, healthy food for those suffering from kidney diseases (inflammatory disease and ICD). the heart and liver. They noticed that the pectins unique vegetable promote healing of ulcers on the skin.

Pumpkin successfully struggling with anemia. high blood pressure, and since it is still not very nutritious and is almost 90 percent water, it is the product of choice for those who want to effectively stabilize your weight and be cleansed (with frequent use of have diuretic, laxative and krovoochishchajushchee effect).

Here the pulp of the pumpkin I remember grandmother whose grandchildren suffer from colds and persistent sore throats. Proposing grandson with high temperature to eat a few spoonfuls of pumpkin porridge, then once again to prove the healing properties of pumpkin.

Contraindications pumpkin

Not worth it to eat pumpkin people with ulcer and gastritis with low acidity.

The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds

About the specific features of pumpkin seeds is known not only healers, but also scientists. So, for example, German scientists claim that regular use of pumpkin seeds to erect a barrier in front of cancer cells. Not inferior to them and Chinese physicians that create a pumpkin seed products for diabetics. In Russia the oil from pumpkin seeds helps to treat BPH.

Vitamin E with its antioxidant properties, slows down aging, promotes skin regeneration.

And unless a handful of pumpkin seeds will improve your mood and will not save a woman from depression? Especially because she’s already near the mirror and puts on a cosmetic face mask, mix the shredded pumpkin with egg yolk and honey. Great, by the way, rejuvenating and nourishing remedy for skin problems.

Useful pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, and the male increases his sexual function, normal production of testosterone.

And about the fact that pumpkin seeds help get rid of worms and other intruders of the intestine, known to many. Moreover, the medium soft, suitable for adults and children.

And with new forces woman takes on the grandmother’s notebook, which stores recipes. Maybe grandma didn’t know that eating the pumpkins in food reduces water retention, cleanses the blood vessels, relieves pain in the liver, but what pumpkin treats many diseases, was known to them.

As for harm pumpkin seeds . that is a popular opinion that they spoil the enamel of the teeth. However, this shortcoming is easy to fix — just enough to rinse your mouth after seeds or brush your teeth.

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