Eastern and Western medicine

Official and folk medicine
After fasting the return to food should be gradual. On the first day of withdrawal from hunger divorced half of any vegetable or fruit juice, on the second day -…

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Medicinal herbs and plants as a business Ukraine
Bonus "Trees" Medicinal herbs and plants as a business Ukraine And cultivation of medicinal plants can be a promising business herbs for the village and the village Ornamental and medicinal…

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To save you from a stroke! Tip Chinese Professor.
A NEEDLE can save a life from stroke. Not for nothing used to do bloodletting. Check out the advice of a Chinese Professor. Keep the house or syringe needle. It's…

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Troubled skin? Physical therapy will help

What do you mean by “problem skin”? The presence of pimples? The tendency to redness and irritation of the skin by any pressure? Maybe you eternally irritated, pochesyvaya, tormented by dandruff scalp? The doctors idea of “problem” skin. But if you start to deal with all these unpleasant conditions which the doctors are called a variety of diagnoses, and people had “problem skin”, you can find a very simple common symptoms. The basis of all – the violation of the so-called “skin barrier”. Actually, the skin is a powerful protective body, almost mythical chain mail, with many ways to repel those around us harmful effects. But for some reasons its protective properties are reduced. This may be a violation of neurotrophic, microcirculation, overcrowding microbes, excessive oiliness/dryness or abnormal keratinization of skin cells. And in this not simple situation even begin to show a different genetic predisposition. Because all of us have so-called weaknesses, the same predisposition. Someone hereditary prone to obesity, someone to acne, someone to hair loss. But until the skin is functioning as a healthy body, these predispositions are silent. Continue reading

Feline (cat) therapy so: cat treats diseases of the people

Cosmotherapy cures many diseases.

Feline – this kind of “therapy cats”.

Everyone knows that communicating with animals is people only benefit, but cats have special healing properties: they treat not only physiological, but also psychological ailments.

Feline: the essence and benefit of communicating with cats ^

With the treatment cats is in direct contact with people, where the invisible link: cats healing people, feeding on negative energy, leaving a positive exchange of energy.

How to treat cats? There are 4 ways of influencing the psyche and the human body:

The sound waves produced by the cat, enhance immunity, because the range of their “murricane” is considered the most favorable – from 16 to 44 Hz. Sick animals also purr, thus healing yourself and prolonging life;

Heat. The average body temperature of the cat varies between 38-39 0 C and has a beneficial warming effect on the entire body; Continue reading

Medicinal herbs and plants as a business Ukraine

Bonus “Trees” Medicinal herbs and plants as a business Ukraine

And cultivation of medicinal plants can be a promising business herbs for the village and the village Ornamental and medicinal plant preparations how and why to attract regular customers will write in detail in the article the collection of medicinal herbs, I now turn to talking about the plants themselves To all whose business is related to herbal raw material we offer to become a participant of the Cultivation of medicinal plants in Ukraine boron herbs considered our project as well as a business resource in the fight against poverty Why the medicinal plants it is profitable All this creates a shortage of herbs and the price increases For the successful cultivation of medicinal plants must comply with the same conditions, So you will surely need the help of herbalists (specialists in the treatment of diseases with medicinal herbs) and Plants need What herbs are massage bags hardly anyone thinks that but the cultivation of medicinal plants as a business If you had a very organized bulk purchase of herbs from the population,

The cultivation of medicinal plants as a business in the village business village

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The cultivation of medicinal plants in the garden

For millennia, people used the gifts of nature and grow herbs in my vegetable garden . The ability to differentiate between useful and poisonous plants, finding edible roots, our ancestors from an early age taught their children. After all, in those days for ordinary people such knowledge was much more useful to honor and wore a casual-oriented. Now this knowledge is in the most part been neglected.

The content

Useful properties of medicinal herbs

For example, everyone knows that to stop bleeding on a wound or abrasion you have to put a plantain leaf. But with the same purpose can be used a number of other plants: the medicinal Burnet, celandine, lungwort, tansy, marsh cinquefoil, calamus… Healing healing properties, so have our favorite wild berries — lingonberries, blueberries, cranberries, stone bramble, blueberry. Continue reading

A plant of South America, passion fruit, beneficial properties of the fruit

A plant of South America, passion fruit, beneficial properties of the fruit which we now consider, you know in our country not so long ago. Moreover, most consumers are familiar with him as a filler for various yogurts. Passion fruit has a delightful flavor and rich nutritional composition, whereby it is valued so highly by nutritionists. Regular consumption of this fruit will positively affect many body systems and help to strengthen health.

Cultivation and types of passion fruit

The birthplace of this fruit is Brazil. The French and British call it “passion fruit”, which translates as “fruit of passion”. Moreover, implied here is not amorous passion, and the passion of the Christ, as the flowers of this plant resemble the crown of thorns.

Plantation of passion fruit concentrated in Central and South America, New Zealand, India and Hawaii.

In the Russian language in the name of the fruit is accepted by the accent on the penultimate syllable of “passion fruit”, but it is wrong. Continue reading

The cultivation of medicinal plants
What wouldn't we put in the beds! Only, perhaps, forget what you can plant in the garden of medicinal plants, which are so necessary to us, when you get sick.…


The Dolphin therapy. Animals treated
That contact with dolphins can have a therapeutic effect on the human body – is familiar to nearly everyone. But what are the mechanisms of exposure of marine mammal to…