Eastern and Western medicine

Cultivated medicinal plants
It is known under names warty birch, weeping birch tree, birch deaf, Berezina. Tree up to 25 m. Flowering in April — may (simultaneously with opening of leaves), fruits ripen…

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Traditional recipes of beauty, improving hair growth
Our grandmothers could boast of oblique diameter of a fist that clung to the heel. Long hair was considered to be the wealth of Russian beauties. But as the years…

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Cultivated medicinal plants
It is known under names warty birch, weeping birch tree, birch deaf, Berezina. Tree up to 25 m. Flowering in April — may (simultaneously with opening of leaves), fruits ripen…

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Alternative medicine

Unconventional medicine (also called alternative medicine) includes a huge range of therapies from simple acupuncture used in the West until very unusual methods of healing, such as eating frogs and raw fish that has been practiced in Eastern countries of our Planet. According to the healers, with the help of alternative medicine can cure all disease until the AIDS epidemic. The course is all that can somehow help the patient.

Also in the list of the healing procedures of this resort is the attachment of walnuts to the eyes and the room is the Smoking of dried leaves of Chinese wormwood in the ears patients.

The procedure for treatment of animal horns on a street in Nanning, China.

Arthritis treatment with mud in the sanatorium of the city of Anshan, China.

Treatment of rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous in the nasal cavity) bee venom.

Known in the East for therapeutic fish Garra rufa obtusas swims in the legs of patients resort Hakone, which is located near Tokyo, Japan. Fish help cure some skin diseases. Continue reading

Error use of medicinal herbs

It is considered that the treatment is harmless herbs, unlike drugs obtained by chemical means. That is the message hammered into the heads of potential customers sellers of all sorts of natural drugs. Actually herbal medicine, or phytotherapy, has many weaknesses that medicine must take into account. Here are some common mistakes that I can remember, before blindly trusting their health to “the green pharmacy”.

• The first mistake is in medicinal herbs contains only natural and therefore harmless components, there is no chemistry.

But “chemistry” has long been firmly established in our lives, it is invisibly present everywhere – in water, air, soil. Pure Alpine, Himalayan, and other meadows – utopia. Chemical clouds with a rain travel all over the world, and there are many other ways to bring “chemistry” to the most remote corners. Naturally, it all goes and medicinal plants, and with them in infusions, salves, extracts and other “silver bullet”. By the way, is already known fatal poisoning Chinese herbs contaminated with arsenic.

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Official and folk medicine

After fasting the return to food should be gradual.

On the first day of withdrawal from hunger divorced half of any vegetable or fruit juice, on the second day – the juice is undiluted, 1.5-2 liters, on the third day of vegetables and fruits and only on the 4th day – a small amount of any porridge on the water, a little bread, soup without meat. On the 5th day you can eat normal food.

When fasting and exit from it through the day the enema is done, no matter was it or not. With severe headaches (is the absorption of decay products from the intestines) is it necessary 2-3 times a day take a shower or bath. Then fasting will be much easier to move.

But fasting should begin gradually, you first need to prepare your body for three days, gradually increasing the volume of enema regardless, was the chair or not. Continue reading

Medicinal plants:

Medicinal plants (lat. Plantae medicinalis ) are a large group of plants. organs or parts which are raw materials for tools used in medical or veterinary practice for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes.

The most widely represented medicinal plants in folk medicine .

The content


Peoples of the ancient world was used to 21 thousand species of plants [ citation 122 days ]. Already at the earliest stages of human development the plants were not only a source of nutrition, they helped the man to get rid of diseases. The oldest of the extant medical treatises is a sign. found during excavations of the Sumerian city (III century BC). 145 lines in the Sumerian language are given the recipe 15 recipes. It shows that the doctors of ancient Sumer used mainly such plants as mustard. fir. pine. thyme. plum fruits. pears. figs. willow. etc.

The culture and knowledge of the ancient Sumerians inherited the Babylonians. used medicinally licorice root. dope. henbane. Flaxseed, etc. the Babylonians noticed that the sun light affects the healing properties of some plants, so dried them in the shade and some grass collected at night. Continue reading

Cultivated medicinal plants

It is known under names warty birch, weeping birch tree, birch deaf, Berezina.

Tree up to 25 m. Flowering in April — may (simultaneously with opening of leaves), fruits ripen from August — September until mid-winter.

Propagated by seeds, vegetative (shoots).

The most widely distributed in Western and Central Siberia, European part of Russia (except the far North and South), Ukraine, the Caucasus, Northern Kazakhstan, Tarbagatai, Dzhungarsky Alatau, Western Tien Shan.

Often forms pure stands of birch — and quickly “populate” the place of the felling, burned pine forests, spruce forests, listvennicy, oak forests. Use the buds (before blooming). the outer part of the bark, juice, birch charcoal.

In the birch buds contain essential oil (3,5—5,3%), comprising sesquiterpene alcohol betulol (41 — 47%), ester betulola with acetic acid (30-45%), betulin; tannins, resin; 5-HYDROXY-7, 4-dimethoxyflavone (0.3 percent). Continue reading

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